Renting a house in Enschede, Hengelo or Almelo area?

Are you looking for a suitable accommodation in Enschede and Almelo? Then you are at the right company: Twente Vast B.V.  We rent rooms, studios, apartments, houses, etc. to workers, students and Expats. 

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Do you want to let your house as soon as possible?

Do you have an second home, your home for sale or want to invest in real estate? Then Twents Vast B.V. is the right company for you!


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Do you want to outsource your financial and technical management?

Twents Vast B.V. can do the financial and technical management of your house, so you don’t have to do something. 


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Please contact us using the details below

Twents Vast B.V.
Faberstraat 14
7531BG Enschede
Tel: +31 (0)53 4313061
E-mail: [email protected]

Monday till Friday between 07:30 - 16:00
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